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Fujinon Lense Coverage Graph

Fujinon Lense Coverage Graph

Fujinon Lense Brochure

Fujinon Lense Brochure

Fujinon Lense Type Descriptions

EBC Fujinon - SWDS: A deluxe super-wideangle lens. Even with the large diameter and ultra-wideangle, image quality is superb. And Fuji's exclusive EBC (Electron Beam Coating) process virtually eliminates glare, flare and ghost while assuring exceptional color balance.

SWS: These lenses cover a wide 100 angle at [/22 and produce images that are sharp corner~tovcorneiz The outstanding features include virtually perfect correction of aberration, compact design, elimination of color fringe diffusion, natural color reproduction and exceptional color balance.

WS: Included in this series are 3 lenses with focal lengths of 150 mm, 300 mm and 360 mm. The 80 angle of coverage is 10 greater than with similar lenses from other manufacturers and is suitable for both short and long~distancc work. Aberration and glare are close to zero. And high resolution plus rich gradation combine to faithfully reproduce both colors and textures. This fine series of all-professional lenses is suitable for both hard and soft work. Fujinon-WS 300 mm and 360 mm lenses are coated by BBC (Electron Beam Coating) process.

NWS: The Fujinon-NWS Series features Fuji Film's exclusive EBC (Electron Beam Coating). Color balance has the same amazing uniformity for which Fujinon Lenses are famous, yet sharpness is better than ever before. This is because EBC greatly reduces reflection, which in turn enables better contrast and correction of aberration using more complex configurations of elements.

LS: The three lenses in this series come in focal lengths of 210 mm, 300mm and 420 mm. All are compact, economical and, despite the long focal lengths, have a wide coverage approaching that of a normal lens. Unlike conventional 'I'essar type lenses, these have unusually high resolution. With rich gradation, fine detail definition and excellent color balance, this series is ideal for color portrait work.

TS: BBC Fujinon-TS is especially designed for press cameras with long focal-length telephoto lenses. EBC Fujinon~TS ensures excellent sharpness and color balance.

AS: These four models can truly be designated "super-apochrornatic lenses." Special optical glass and design goes into each of these 6-element lenses. Residual color aberration has been corrected close to perfection. As a result, there is no color diffusion, despite the long fowl lengths. Compact enough to be easily used for location work, each lens delivers the fine performance required for long-distance work as well as the outstanding gradation. detail definition and texture rendition so essential for closeups and small subjects.

SFS: Ideal for portraiture, Fujinon-SFS Lenses save time and labor because retouching is ordinarily completely unnecessary. Both are 3-component, 3~element lenses - an unusual configuraiton for soft-focus lenses. Provision for "softness control" offers greater freedom of expression, including such techniques as intentional halo and vignette. Tones are natural and highlights are outstanding.
Link to Ken Lee examples with a 180mm SFS
Info on 250mm SFS vs Imagon on Large Format Forum

Fujinon Large Format Lenses (Sortable)

Hover your mouse over the series for a photo (if available).

MIFR = This lens is marked inside the filter ring
MOB = This lens is marked on the barrel
FFL = Flange Focal Length
E = Elements
G = Groups
AOC = Angle of Coverage

SW65 8.0-6464100155S052mmSINGLE6x9MIFR
NW105 5.6-456676162C046mmEBC6x9MOB
SWD65 5.6-4584106172S062mmEBC4x5MIFR
Fujinon 105mm
105 5.66578174C067mmEBC4x5MOB
SW75 8.0-6464100181S058mmSINGLE4x5MIFR
SW S7582.5mm8.0-6464100181S058mmSINGLE4x5MIFR
SWD75 5.6-4586105196C067mmEBC4x5MOB
SWD7585.1mm 5.6-6486105196S067mm EBC4x5MIFR
W150 6.3-644367198S040.5mmSINGLE4x5MIFR
W S150143.5mm6.3-644367198S040.5mmSINGLE4x5MIFR
NW125 5.6-646676198C055mmEBC4x5MOB
NW125 5.6-646676198C052mmEBC4x5MOB
SWD75 5.6-6484106200S067mmEBC4x5MIFR
SFS180 5.6-223358200C146mmSINGLE4x5MIFR
CM-W125 5.66578204C067mmEBC4x5MOB
 180 4.5-644359205BARREL49mmSINGLE4x556mm screw-mount
FUJINON180163.6mm4.5-644359205BARREL (56x1mm)49mmSINGLE4x5MIFR
NW135 5.6-646676206C052mmEBC4x5MOB
W125 5.6-646480210S046mmSINGLE4x5MIFR
W S125121.3mm5.6-646480210S046mmSINGLE4x5MIFR
T300 8.0-645539213C067mmEBC4x5MOB
CM-W135 5.66676214C067mmEBC4x5MOB
SW90 8.0-6464100216S067mmSINGLE4x5MIFR
NSW90 8.0-4566100216C067mmEBC4x5MOB
SW S9099.4mm8.0-6464100216S067mmSINGLE4x5MIFR
T400 8.0-645531220C167mmEBC5x7MOB
CM-W150 5.66673223C067mmEBC5x7MOB
NW150 5.6-646676224C052mmEBC5x7MOB
W135 5.6-646480228S046mmSINGLE5x7MIFR
W S135131.3mm5.6-646480228S046mmSINGLE5x7MIFR
SWD90 5.6-6486105236C082mmEBC5x7MOB
SWD90102.5mm 5.6-6486105236S082mm EBC5x7MIFR
SWD90 5.6-6484106238S082mmEBC5x7MIFR
T400 8.0-645533240C167mmSINGLE5x7MIFR
 210 4.5-644359240BARREL58mmSINGLE5x762mm screw-mount
L210 5.6-644459240C149mmSINGLE5x7MIFR
FUJINON210188.6mm4.5-644359240BARREL (62x1mm)58mmSINGLE5x7MIFR
W150 5.6-646480245S046mmSINGLE5x7MIFR
NSW105 8.0-4566100250C077mmEBC5x7MOB
SW105 8.0-6464100250S067mmSINGLE5x7MIFR
A180 9.0-906470252C046mmEBC5x7MOB
A180 9.0-906470252C046mmSINGLE5x7MIFR
T600 12.0-905524260C167mmEBC5x7MOB
T600383.9mm 12.0-905524260C1 67mm SINGLE5x7MIFR
CM-W180 5.66571260C167mmEBC5x7MOB
NW180 5.6-646676280C167mmEBC5x7MOB
NSW125 8.0-456696280C082mmEBC5x7MOB
 250 4.5-644359286BARREL67mmSINGLE5x775mm screw-mount
FUJINON250223.2mm4.5-644359286BARREL (75x1mm)67mmSINGLE5x7MIFR
SW120 8.0-6464100290S077mmSINGLE5x7MIFR
SW S120133.5mm8.0-6464100290S077mmSINGLE5x7MIFR
SFS250 5.6-223358300C367mmSINGLE5x7MIFR
NW210 5.6-646571300C167mmEBC5x7MOB
W180 5.6-646480305C158mmSINGLE5x7MIFR
W S180175.7mm5.6-646480305C158mmSINGLE5x7MIFR
CM-W210 5.66572309C167mmEBC5x7MOB
NW250 6.3-646464312C167mmEBC8x10MOB
CM-W250 6.36665320C167mmEBC5x7MOB
A240 9.0-906470336C052mmSINGLE8x10MIFR
A240 9.0-906470336C052mmEBC8x10MOB
 300 4.5-644359343BARREL82mmSINGLE8x1090mm screw-mount
L300 5.6-644459343C367mmSINGLE8x10MIFR
FUJINON300268.7mm4.5-644359343BARREL (90x1mm)82mmSINGLE8x10MIFR
W210 5.6-646480352C158mmSINGLE8x10MIFR
W S210209.6mm5.6-646480352C158mmSINGLE8x10MIFR
C300 8.5-644466380C152mmEBC8x10MOB
W250 6.7-646480398C167mmSINGLE8x10MIFR
W S250246.1mm6.7-646480398S167mmSINGLE8x10MIFR
CM-W300 5.66569412C377mmEBC8x10MOB
W300 5.6-906470420C377mmEBC8x10MOB
W300 5.6-906480420C377mmSINGLE8x10MIFR
W S300292.9mm5.6-906480420C3s86mmSINGLE8x10 
W S300292.9mm5.6-906480420C377mmSINGLE8x10MIFR
L420 8.0-644453480C367mmSINGLE8x10MIFR
W360 6.3-906480485C386mmSINGLE8x10MIFR
W360 6.3-906468485C386mmEBC8x10MOB
CM-W360 6.56668485C386mmEBC8x10MOB
W S360352.7mm6.3-906480485C386mmSINGLE8x10MIFR
C450 12.5-644457486C152mmEBC8x10MOB
SF420413.0mm5.6-223358500BARREL (90x1mm)82mmSINGLE8x10MIFR
A360 106470500C158mmSINGLE8x10MIFR
CM-W450 86660520C386mmEBC11x14MOB
C600 11.5-644455620C367mmEBC11x14MOB
SW300 8.0-6464100720C3145mmSINGLE8x10MIFR
A600 11.0-906470840C395mmSINGLE8x10MIFR
A1200 24.0-9064501120C3102mmSINGLE8x10MIFR
RECTAR300 4.5-6443  BARREL (90x1mm)82mm  MIFR
FUJINAR300 4.5-64 43  BARREL (90x1mm)82mmSINGLE MIFR
RECTAR250 4.5-64 43  BARREL (75x1mm)67mm  MIFR
FUJINAR250 4.5-64 43  BARREL (75x1mm)67mmSINGLE MIFR
RECTAR210 4.5-6443  BARREL (62x1mm)58mm  MIFR
FUJINAR210 4.5-64 43  BARREL (62x1mm)58mmSINGLE MIFR
RECTAR180 4.5-6443  BARREL (56x1mm)49mm  MIFR
FUJINAR180 4.5-64 43  BARREL (56x1mm)49mmSINGLE MIFR
FUJINAR-W150 6.3-6443  S040.5mmSINGLE MIFR
T-NAVITAR150 5.6-644360 C0 SINGLE 

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